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1. MINUTES of previous meeting and December 3, 2002 Special Meeting.


2. PERMITS (Projects over $50,000 with no objections and with staff recommendation for approval.)


Warwick High School
51 Copeland Lane, Newport News

5. CITY OF NEWPORT NEWS, #93-0902. On behalf of the Regional Raw Water Study Group, the City requests authorization to construct a 75-million gallon per day (mgd) raw water intake structure in the Mattaponi River at Scotland Landing, and a raw water distribution line under Cohoke Creek, in King William County and the Pamunkey River between King William and New Kent Counties, as well as a water discharge structure in Beaverdam Creek, a tributary to Diascund Reservoir in New Kent County, in association with the City's proposed King William Reservoir Project. 

PAGE 2 ITEMS (Projects over $50,000 with no objections and with staff recommendation for approval)

2A. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, #95-0645, requests reactivation and extension until December 17, 2006, to hydraulically place up to 40,000 cubic yards of dredged material from the maintenance of the Parkers Creek Federal Project Channel, in a previously used overboard site along the Oceanside of Metomkin Island in Accomack County.

2B. VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, #00-2103, requests authorization to modify an existing permit to install a temporary mooring for construction barges located at 36 51' 27" N Latitude 76 20' 12" W Longitude in the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River associated with the ongoing Pinner's Point Interchange project in Portsmouth.

2C. WEANACK LAND LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, #03-0027, requests authorization to maintenance dredge, on an as needed basis, a maximum of 30,000 cubic yards per year of State-owned subaqueous bottomland along an entrance channel within the James River and Shirley Cove to a maximum depth of -20 feet at mean low water at the applicants' property in Charles City County. Spoil is to be placed within a man-made portion of Shirley Cove. Recommend a time of year dredging restriction from March 15 through June 30 of each year. 

2D. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY, #03-0389, requests authorization to construct two (2) finger piers, each measuring 8-feet wide by 37-feet long, adjacent to existing finger piers on Pier 11, to provide four (4) additional wet slips for the Harbor Patrol at Naval Station Norfolk in Hampton Roads.

2E. ESPEJO FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, #98-0971, requests a five-year extension and modification of their existing permit to allow for the annual maintenance dredging of approximately 6,000 cubic yards of State-owned subaqueous bottom, on an as-needed basis, to maintain maximum project depths of between minus three (-3) feet and minus six (-6) feet at mean low water at their existing marina facility situated along Little Creek in the City of Norfolk. Recommend approval with our standard dredge conditions and upland disposal.

2F. FAIRFAX COUNTY PARK AUTHORITY, #02-2050, requests authorization to maintenance dredge by the hydraulic and mechanical methods, approximately 225,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediments from within Lake Accotink and the original streambed of Accotink Creek within the boundaries of the lake in Fairfax County. The dredged material will be disposed of in an approved upland location.

2G. COLUMBIA GAS OF VIRGINIA, #02-1329, requests authorization to install, by the directional bore method, a natural gas distribution pipeline, encased in a 12-inch diameter steel pipe a minimum of five (5) feet beneath a 380-foot wide section of the Rappahannock River in the City of Fredericksburg and Stafford County.

2H. YORK COUNTY, #02-0220, requests authorization to construct six (6) riprap breakwaters with 24,000 cubic yards of associated beach nourishment and wetlands vegetation plantings, a 125-foot by 15-foot concrete boatramp for emergency personnel, two solid fill crib piers connecting to concrete floating piers for use by transient and commercial vessels, six (6) storm water outfalls, and 1428 linear feet of riprap revetment adjacent to the Yorktown waterfront along the York River in York County.

2I. CSX TRANSPORTATION, #03-0453, requests authorization to construct a replacement railroad trestle crossing of Lick Creek measuring 131-feet by 31-feet, approximately 700 feet west of High Crossing CSXT/SR 739 in Russell County. Recommend our standard instream construction conditions and an encroachment royalty of $4,061.00 for the encroachment over 4,061 square feet of State-owned subaqueous bottom at a rate of $1.00 per square foot.

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