Installing VMRC Mobile on Smartphones 

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To install VMRC Mobile and the Saltwater Fishing Journal on your iPhone or Android Device:
For iPhone: (1) Using your Safari Browser, search "VMRC Mobile" you will usually find a link that comes to this instruction page, after reading step 3 on how to bookmark or add a web page to your mobile device home screen, click on the VMRC Mobile image above (2) You will know you are at the right place if you see the image displayed above on your phone. (3) Once you are looking at the VMRC Mobile web page on your iPhone browser, click the middle button at the bottom of the screen (shown below - look of tool bar will vary with version), then choose Add to Home Screen. This will place VMRC Mobile on your home screen for quick use.

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For Android: (1) repeat the step above to find the VMRC mobile site (2) click the "settings" button on your Android device. The "settings" button usually appears as three horizontal lines to the right of the device's home button (3) click "add to home screen" option from the menu list. (4) Once you do this you will have an icon on your phone screen that you can use to quickly get to the mobile site.

From VMRC Mobile, you have access to the Saltwater Journal. The Saltwater Journal is password protected, so you can keep a record of your catch. By using the Journal, you are making a vital contribution to VMRC's fishery management policies and goals. Please help VMRC by creating your personal Saltwater Journal.

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