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Marine Resource Commission License Agents

This web page lists independent agents that sell commercial fishing gear licenses, including licenses for limited recreational use of commercial gear. Click here to see a list of licenses sold by the Commission; this list of available licenses also shows which licensing locations certain licenses are available at (some licenses are only sold at the main office or MRC Operations Station). Note that fixed fishing devices, shucking house and menhaden gear licenses must be pre-authorized by Marine Police Officers prior to license purchase, the commercial registration licenses can only be sold by the main office, and the saltwater recreational fishing licenses that are sold by DGIF. Click here  for a list of Law Enforcement Field Offices where you can get more information on pre-authorizing the fixed fishing devices, shucking house and menhaden gear licenses; other gear licenses may also require pre-authorization these are noted on the available license list, but more information on these limited entry licenses can also be found on the fisheries permit page.

Click here if you would like information about the saltwater recreational hook&line licenses sold by Department of Game and Inland Fisheries agents on behalf of the Commission.  Note that the agents marked below with an asterisk are DGIF agents and can sell recreational saltwater H&L licenses, as well as the Commission's commercial gear licenses.

Map of MRC Automated Agents


*Captain Zed's Bait and Tackle 
17 Atlantic Ave
Wachepreague, VA 23480
(757) 789-3222

*Chris' Bait & Tackle
P O Box 165
28316 Langford Hwy
Capeville, VA 23313

*Shore Auto & Supply Store
Western Auto Associates Store 
PO Box 667 
Exmore, VA  23350 
(757) 442-6157  

*Tangier Island
16522 West Ridge Rd. 
Tangier, VA  23440 
(757) 891-2338

*Captain Bob's Marina
2477 Main Street
Chincoteague, VA  23336 
(757) 336-6654 


*Carrollton Hunting & Fishing Supply
15268 Carrollton Rd.
Carrollton, VA  23314
(757) 238-8400

*MRC Operations Station 
30 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA  23607
(757) 247-2265  

*Port Messick Marina
413 Messick Road
Poquoson, VA 23662
(757) 218-7144


*Chesapeake Bait & Tackle
390 S. Battlefield Blvd. 
Chesapeake, VA  23320 
(757) 547-3456

*C Tackle Shop
1821 East Little Creek Rd. 
Norfolk, VA  23518 
(757) 587-1003

* Long Bay Point Marina
2109 West Great Neck Rd. 
Virginia Beach, VA  23451 
(757) 481-7517


*Harrow's Home Center, Inc.
State Rt 33 Cooks Corner 
Saluda, VA  23149 
(804) 758-5481

*Modr's Service Center
3000 King William Ave. 
PO Box R 
West Point, VA  23181 
(804) 843-2433


*Jetts Hardware
18425 Northumberland Hwy.
Reedville, VA  22539
(804) 453-5325

*Ken's Field & Stream
3408 Kings Hwy State Hwy 
Oak Grove, VA  22443 
(804) 224-7100

*Murphy Seed Service
PO Box 81
5005 Cople Hwy (Route 202)
Mount Holly, VA  22524
(804) 472-3712

*Marian Self 
MRC Heathsville Office
PO BOX 117
Heathsville, VA  22473
(804) 580-2901

* Game & Inland Fisheries Agent (also sells freshwater/saltwater recreational fishing and hunting licenses)


Last Updated: 11/07/2014

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