Hints for Installing MRC Mobile Device Applications for Smartphones

[VMRC Mobile] - a mobile device formatted web site that while primarily designed to facilitate FIP registration, also has offers convenient access to saltwater recreational fishing and crabbing rules, artificial reef locations, the online Bay map, other online maps, Habitat Management permit search, shellfish lease search, and MRC contact data.

[SWJ Mobile] - The Saltwater Journal (SWJ) is a voluntary recreational fishing reporting web site.  To access this mobile web site, please register on the primary SWJ web site on your regular PC to establish your username and password.  Once you have created your SWJ login information visit the SWJ Mobile web link to view the version that is formatted for smartphones.

If you are interested in adding the mobile device web sites listed above to your smartphone, there are a few things you can do to make them easier to get to:

On the iphone using Safari:  

1) use the Safari browser on your iphone to google "va saltwater journal" or "vmrc mobile", click the search result leading to SWJ mobile login page, or the VMRC mobile site.  You'll know you are at the right spot if the mobile web pages are displaying as shown below.  If all else fails you can key in the full web address into Safari to get to the mobile device sites:  

[VMRC Mobile] - https://webapps.mrc.virginia.gov/fip/mobile/
[SWJ Mobile] - https://www.vasaltwaterjournal.com/mobile

mobile site menu screen shot mobile site login screen shot

2) Once you are looking at the mobile device web page on your iphone, use the middle button shown below to "Add to Home Screen".  Once you do that you will have an icon on your iphone screen that you can use to quickly get to the mobile web site.

iphone add home screen graphic

3) For the SWJ mobile site, if you want Safari to remember your username and password for the mobile web site, click on Settings, choose Safari, under AutoFill, turn Names & Passwords on, after you do that Safari will prompt you on whether to save a password for a web site (also gives you option to "never remember").

On Android:

Android devices will vary slightly by device and android version; you may need to consult your device's documentation for specific instruction on setting these mobile web apps to your homescreen, but here is one method that may work:

1) browse to the mobile device sites on your mobile device (see Step 1 above for iphone to see techniques for that).

2) click "Settings" button on your android device. The "Settings" button usually appears as three horizontal lines to the right of the device's home button.

3) click "Add to homescreen" menu option from menu list.

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