The Commission makes a variety of documents available for public information. Many of these documents have been converted for posting on this home page; click on the highlighted links below to get to the current postings.

Agency Meetings - calendar of past and upcoming meetings sponsored by the Commission with links to agendas and meeting minutes.

Public Notices - formal, mostly regulatory, public notices that announce public hearings or meetings sponsored by the Commission.

Commission Agendas
- The Commission meets monthly, a tentative agenda for each monthly meeting is available about ten days prior to the meeting, a final agenda is available on the day of the meeting.

Recreational Fishing Information - Links to a variety of information for the Recreational Angler.

Commercial Fishing Information - Links to a variety of information for the commercial watermen.

Recreational Finfish Rules Summary - Fact sheet on recreational finfish size limits, bag limits and seasons.

The Commercial Fishing Newsletter
- Newsletters for commercial fishermen; produced two to four times per year.

Manual for Remote Setting - This project and the manual was funded by the Virginia Fishery Resource Grant Program,  It was conducted in cooperation with 10 Virginia seafood companies and in conjunction with private industry which provided realistic expectations and estimates of expenses.

For Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, you may direct your request to Ellen Bolen, Deputy Commissioner.  She can be reached at 2600 Washington Avenue, Suite 107, Newport News, VA 23607; (757) 247-2269; 

For media inquiries please contact Ellen Bolen, Deputy Commissioner, at (757) 247-2269; 

For Social Media Inquiries, please e-mail

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