The most commonly applied crab regulations along with the associated crab rule types are listed below. The final link at the end of this page leads to a listing of all crab regulations. It is the crabbers responsibility to understand and comply with all rules. Check with your local Marine Police Office if you have a question. [Marine Police Field Offices]

For size, season, time of day, and possession limits, see 4VAC20-270.
For crab or peeler pot marking, see 4VAC20-140.
For culling undersize and sponge crabs, see 4VAC20-370.
For the licensing, setting, or construction of crab traps and pounds, see 4VAC20-460.
For cull rings in crab pots, see 4VAC20-700.
For the coordinates and season dates of blue crab sanctuaries, see 4VAC20-752.
For limits on the setting of crab pots, see 4VAC20-880.
For crabbing license cap and eligibility, see 4VAC20-1040.

A complete listing of crabbing regulations can be found here:  Regulations Index


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