Saltwater Gamefish State Records

11/06/2019 State Record True Albacore
08/16/2019 State Record Swordfish
11/01/2017 State Record Gray Triggerfish
06/27/2017 State Record Golden Tilefish
04/06/2015 State Record Bluefin Tuna
09/25/2013 State Record Bigeye Tuna
09/01/2012 State Record Swordfish
06/23/2012 State Record Wahoo
03/25/2012 State Record Tautog
01/20/2012 State Record Striped Bass
06/01/2011 State Record Snowy Grouper
07/04/2009 State Record Blueline Tilefish
06/28/2009 State Record Blueline Tilefish
06/13/2009 State Record Spadefish
03/19/2009 State Record Blueline Tilefish
08/17/2008 State Record Snowy Grouper
06/10/2008 State Record Golden Tilefish
01/23/2008 State Record Striped Bass
12/09/2007 State Record Snowy Grouper
09/22/2007 State Record Golden Tilefish
08/22/2007 State Record Croaker
08/03/2007 State Record Bluefin Tuna
07/18/2007 State Record King Mackerel
06/22/2007 State Record Spadefish
04/29/2007 State Record Snowy Grouper and Golden Tilefish
03/31/2007 State Record Blueline Tilefish
03/10/2007 State Record Blueline Tilefish

Records for the largest fish caught by hook and line are maintained by the Commission's Saltwater Tournament Office.  Each year they print a summary of the records as of December 31 of that year in their annual brochure.  The online version of that brochure for 2018 can be found at the following web link:

Marine Gamefish Records as of 12/31/18

During the course of the year the Tournament Office provides a weekly summary of largest fish caught that have been registered by the Tournament Office.  This leading entries report will show any new state records that have been set. The report is posted weekly at the following web link.

Saltwater Tournament Leading Entries

To find out how to register a fish for a saltwater citation or for a State record please visit the link below:

2019 Saltwater Fishing Tournament Brochure

To find out more about other information related to the Saltwater Tournament Office please visit the following link:

Virginia Saltwater Tournament

Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament
Lewis Gillingham, Tournament Director
380 Fenwick Rd
Ft. Monroe, VA 23651
Phone: (757) 491-5160

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