Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program

The Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program (VGFTP) is an effort to involve the recreational angling public in the conservation and management of marine finfish. The program provides an avenue for anglers with an interest in conservation to assist in collecting scientific information about the movements and biology of fish by tagging targeted species of marine game fish. Fish currently targeted for tagging include red drum, black drum, cobia, flounder, speckled trout, black sea bass, tautog, spadefish, sheepshead, and gray triggerfish. Anglers that catch a tagged fish, can report it here.

The program is open to the public with a registration period starting in December. The number of participants is limited (currently the maximum number of participants is 160) with priority assigned on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Once the registration period is completed, anglers are required to attend a workshop on fish tagging and handling techniques and the operation of the VGFTP. Workshops are held on weekday evenings, generally in February. Tagging kits, measuring boards and complete instructions are issued at the workshops. 

The Virginia Gamefish Tagging Program is a cooperative effort of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, through its Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament office, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. 

Program Awards

Anglers participating in the tagging program have the opportunity to earn recognition for their conservation efforts. Conservation certificates are awarded to anglers tagging a minimum of 25 fish during the year. Tagging trophies are given at the end of each year to the program's top taggers. 

Anglers returning tags from fish they have captured are awarded pewter fish pins or baseball caps featuring the Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program logo. 


Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament
Virginia Gamefish Tagging Program
Attn: Lewis Gillingham
380 Fenwick Rd
Ft. Monroe, VA 23651
(757) 491 - 5160
(757) 247-8014 (fax) 

If you are already registered with the program and need to download the tagging sheets, go to the forms download page (next to last form in the table).

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