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Administration and Finance Division

Advisory Committees/Boards

Agency News

Aquaculture Information

Agendas: [Commission], [consult calendar for advisory committee agendas]

Angler's Guide 

Angler Marine Game Fish Records

Artificial Reef Locations

Associations - CCA, Seafood Council, Watermen, Charter Boat Association

Agency Meetings of Meetings sponsored by the Commission

Citation Information

Clam Advisory Committee

Clams, Commercial: General, Regulations, Management Plan, Summaries, Grounds, Licenses

Commercial Fishing Advisory Board

Commercial Fishing Information

Commission Information


Commissioner's Office

Conservation and Replenishment Department

Crab Advisory Committee

Crabs, Commercial: General, Regulations, Management Plan, Licenses

Crabs, Recreational: Summaries and Licenses


Engineering and Surveying Department

Finfish Advisory Committee

Fish, Commercial: General, Regulations, Management Plans, Licenses

Fish Identification

Fish, Recreational: General, Summary, Licenses

Fish Tagging Program

Fisheries Commercial Landings Data

Fisheries Management Division

Habitat Management Division

HMAC (Habitat Management Advisory Committee)

Historical Highlights of VMRC

Home Page

Hook-and-Line Commercial List of persons wishing to purchase/sell a license

Job Vacancies

Law Enforcement Division

Leased Grounds

License Boundaries, recreational hook&line

License Sales Data

Licensing Agents: [VMRC Commercial & Recreational Gear], [VDGIF Recreational Only]

Management Information Systems Department (MIS)

Meeting Minutes (Commission & Advisory Committee meeting minutes are posted on the calendar page)

Other Commercial Licenses List of persons wishing to sell a commercial license

Oysters, Commercial: General, Production

Overview of VMRC

Permits: Fisheries, Habitat

Pfiesteria Information

Public Notices and Meetings

Recipes for Seafood

Recreational Fishing Advisory Board

Recreational Information: Fishing Rules Summary, Gear Sheet, Licenses

Regulation Index

Regulatory Processes

Related Internet Sites

Saltwater Fishing Tournament

Saltwater Sport Fishing Tournament Advisory Committee

Seaside Eastern Shore Oyster Replenishment Committee

Shellfish Advisory Committee

Spawning Reaches


Striped Bass (Rockfish) Commercial List of persons wishing to purchase/lease/sell tags

Tagged Fish

Tide Tables

Watermen Associations

Weather Links

Weigh Stations

Wetlands Boards

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